Guesthouse Centrum Izola

Guesthoouse Centrum is a typical Mediterranean house in the heart of Izola that once was a shelter of a fisherman’s family and today is a comfortable port for the curious, active guests, families, “loners” and group holidaymakers, characterized by a touch of Istria. The renovated and stylishly furnished house will bring to you the soul and warmth of the Mediterranean atmosphere.

The preserved stone walls and wood elements will bring you back to the past, while the scent of lavender and of Mediterranean herbs create a senso of Istrian homeliness.

Why go to Centrum Izola?

It is located in the centrum of Istria. It represents the heart of Izola. It has a homely atmosphere. It is a perfect starting point. Family friendly.

More about Centrum

Our rooms

Centrum has 5 stylishly furnished rooms that offer more than just comfort. We have named them Lavender, Marine and Rose, as each of them is furnished with a unique charm and has its own story.

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Come – see – try – feel! The town of Izola as well as the other coastal towns with their hinterland offer an unforgettable Istrian experience right by the sea or not too far away.

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